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Blogs & vlogs

Hodge, G. & L. Ferrara. (22 February 2021). How we can make language theory more inclusive? Auslan vlog and English blog for Acadeafic.

Hodge, G. (19 November 2020). Getting "Under My Skin": Exploring deaf and hearing communication practices in dance. IS vlog and English blog for Acadeafic.

invited talks

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RECENT conference presentations

Ferrara, L., Anible, B., Hodge, G., Jantunen, T., Leeson, L., Mesch, J., & A-L. Nilsson. A cross-linguistic comparison of reference across different signed languages. Presented at the High Desert Linguistics Society (HDLS) Conference, 20-22 November. University of New Mexico, USA.

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commissioned reports

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archives & other language resources

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