what I teach

My courses, workshops and webinars are directly linked to my research vision to better understand the different ways that humans communicate, including the social and interactional factors that explain language variation and linguistic diversity.

I have taught on a wide range of language and communication topics including sociolinguistics, semiotics and gesture studies, corpus linguistics, applied linguistics, child language development, bilingualism, linguistic typology, signed language translation, deafness and cognition, and language in interaction. I teach both quantitative and qualitative methods for researching language and communication (e.g., corpus linguistics, linguistic ethnography, linguistic fieldwork, language documentation and description, thematic analysis).

I also create and deliver workshops, webinars and other professional development opportunities for specific audiences. These have recently included topics such as how to better understand signing diversity in the deaf community, professionalism and workplace English for deaf signing people, and the history of signed language research in Australia.

who i teach

I have delivered undergraduate and postgraduate courses and lectures and co-supervised deaf and hearing postgraduate research students at Macquarie University, La Trobe University and University College London. I have also provided many workshops, webinars and other professional development opportunities for deaf and hearing signed language practitioners such as interpreters, translators and deaf education specialists. If you are an organisation looking to create specialised professional development opportunities for your members, please feel free to get in touch.